We open doors in the social and health care

The guidance includes the provision of advice and information in the social and health care.

Prospective, Newbie, Widereinsteiger, Newcomers but also workers in the health sector are entitled to grant of advice and information on all aspects of the labor market. From professional orientation and their alternatives, training opportunities and the different types of employment, of work- and professional development, and selection and occupation of the workplace (Employment counseling)

We open doors in the social and health care

occupational guidance Our qualified guidance in social- and health aimed at young people and adults with a high social competence. It includes information and advice in particular on career choice, Professional reorientation, whose skills, on the requirements, on ways of promoting and their developments in social- and health care and the Arbeitsmarktbedingun-gen. We inform you about the different uses, the structures of the employer in the social- and healthcare but also on the other conditions and earning potential.

Employment counseling The labor market consulting company action personnel is aimed at employers in social- and health, and for employers in the private household. We support employers in filling new jobs by providing free information and advice about the current situation and development of the labor market and the professions in the social- and health.

professional orientation A new career orientation should affect the choice of occupation and thus the professional career of young people and adults positive. Comprehensive information on vocational training opportunities, to activities, Requirements and their prospects. The preoccupation with social skills, the interests, Skills, Skills and talents to make a viable career choice.

recruitment A meaningful work is not only for their own livelihood but must also be joy and a confirmation. Therefore, the free job placement is an important part of the company action for health personnel, Household and office .The mediation takes place on a systematic recording of professional biography and the resulting professional qualification / s knowledge, Skills undKompetenzen on. Based on this potential analysis of applications in social- determined and Health and proposed them targeted.

For New- or Widereinsteiger

The perfect job or an education is something, dreams which every man. But what is the perfect job for oneself? And how do you find that out? In the course of life are facing vocational orientation multiple significant decisions taken: This includes the issue of career choice and possible realignments during working life. Experience shows, that training only successfully completed and a professional can only be exercised successfully, if, in addition to formal qualifications, the individual range of inclination and talent and social competence is considered. Exactly in this important decision situations we can usefully advise, support, accompany and encourage. Thanks to our broadly defined talent understanding we pay attention not only on the cognitive abilities of a person, but consider the entire potential, the also the emotional talent, includes social skills and individual talents. Just these skills are often underestimated or not even perceived. It appears, however, that they can often decide the professional success. Creative thinking and fine motor skills may be those talents; – as well as a special empathy or a high emotional stability. For each talent there are many different uses. Even this, we show, because is to use its potential, to recognize them in time and to train. Early information and consultation of all, the front of the training, Further training or retraining in social- standing and health, is our job.

– Basic questions and basic conditions of education and career choices in social- and Healthcare

– Advice on educational pathways

– Work-life balance – Purpose

– funding opportunities

– Decision support through practical orientation days

– on the situation and development of the labor market in the Social- and Healthcare

– Ways and means of intense self information

– Offers and assistance from the career guidance.

We accompany people, which are at a turning point of their professional lives and are looking for a springboard for a restart in professional life.

Venue for the meeting and time

The free consultation in the social and health sector takes place without an appointment at the offices of the company action staff every Wednesday from 9:00 – 11: 00.

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